Why Teeth Turn Black – Common Causes of This Discoloration?

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A lot of people ask why teeth turn black. This condition is not very common, but it can happen to anyone. Most often this happens because the enamel on teeth is wearing away at a faster rate than what is normal. This can lead to discolored spots on teeth. Discolored spots on teeth are very unattractive and can even hurt a person’s confidence with someone looking at them.

Some people get their teeth whitened professionally. The price for this procedure can vary depending on the dentist and the type of procedure that will be done. It is important that a patient go through all of the tests that the dentist has set forth before having this done. In some cases, teeth become so discolored that they need to be extracted. People who do not have healthy gums do not fare as well as those who have healthy gums.

Another reason why teeth turn black is exposure to sunlight. This is why teeth to turn gray when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. People sitting in a car that is left in the sunlight for too long are at risk of developing the condition. Even people who work outside in the sunlight for extended periods of time are at risk of developing this problem.

Age can also cause teeth to become discolored. As people age, the enamel begins to wear away from the inside. This causes the teeth to become more discolored. Whitening procedures can help to rectify this problem.

Some people also wonder why teeth turn black when brushing is not enough. First, one must brush their teeth several times a day. Second, flossing is extremely important. Flossing will remove any food particles that are stuck between the teeth. If a person does not floss, food will stick and become a potential stain. Flossing is very important for the oral health of the individual.

Other reasons why teeth turn black can be related to periodontal disease. If the person has a poor diet, they can end up with cavities. The acids in the mouth can cause the decay of the teeth. This will eventually cause the teeth to turn black.

A lack of proper oral hygiene is also why teeth turn black. If an individual is not taking care of their teeth, they can have root canals or other dental work which can cause the teeth to turn black. It is imperative to brush one’s teeth several times each day and to visit their dentist for regular check-ups.

The reasons why teeth turn black are quite serious. There are many things an individual can do to prevent this from happening. One of them is to have a dentist check on their oral health each year. It is important to maintain the teeth and gums if one wants to avoid the embarrassing problem of why teeth turn black.

Some individuals wear cosmetic items, while others do not. These accessories can cause damage to the teeth. For example, some people use whitening strips or toothpaste that contain chemicals. These products can cause staining and discoloration. Not only does it cause discoloration on the teeth, it also discolors the smile.

Many people use home remedies. These individuals purchase whitening kits from online sources or can make their own. These kits are made from different ingredients and can be found in any store that carries beauty supplies. These whitening strips or liquids can work on many types of teeth. They can work on mild staining, discolored teeth and even teeth with cavity fillings.

Why teeth cause black spots can be an uncomfortable topic. Some individuals are embarrassed by their yellow teeth. Others are tired of having to constantly visit the dentist. When teeth start to turn color, it’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible. If left untreated, teeth can cause permanent damage including sensitivity and inflammation.

In conclusion, why teeth turn black spots can be caused by several factors. Some of these include diet, genetics, dental care and cosmetic items used at home. These factors can be addressed by addressing them one at a time.