Why Teeth Break and What to Do About It

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If you were to ask a group of adults why teeth break, the answers would probably be different from those of children. Adults tend to think that it is due to old age or perhaps bad habits that they have picked up in the past. On the other hand, children tend to blame it all on their parents. While there are many things that can contribute to why teeth break, it seems to be a common theme among all the reasons. No matter who is to blame, though, the end result is the same: someone will have to get dental attention in order to prevent further damage to their teeth. There are numerous reasons why teeth can become damaged, but the most popular ones are:

why teeth break

The first reason is cutting. Teeth can easily be damaged by biting down on something hard. Teeth can also be damaged when the kids are playing rough and they try to pull out their teeth with force. While this can not always be avoided, it can be corrected by brushing the teeth more thoroughly.

Another reason why teeth can crack or break is because of the root. This happens when the roots of the teeth are rubbed against other teeth or their gums. Hard objects such as pencils, fingernails, or keys can cause serious damage to the root of the tooth and the surrounding teeth. This root can also lead to gum disease. Once this happens, the teeth will need to be taken care of otherwise it will be extremely difficult to repair.

Over time, eating certain types of foods can cause teeth to become weaker. The acids in these types of food can weaken the structure of the root and can cause breakage. If the teeth are weak, they will likely break off because they cannot hold the strong chewing action of the tongue and gums.

Some medications may cause teeth to lose their strength altogether. Many people take pain relievers for illnesses that they believe are not serious enough to warrant taking pain medications. However, this can have a dramatic effect on the strength of the teeth and root. This can also cause breakage and tooth decay.

Some children suffer from what is called angular cheilitis. This is caused by the dryness of the mouth. When saliva is dry, this allows bacteria to grow and can cause a number of infections in and around the mouth. The bacteria then infect the enamel of the teeth and cause breakage and tooth decay. This condition is why teeth often break when a child is ill.

Sometimes, a child may experience arthritis and cannot chew properly. This can cause the bones of the jaws to break because the arthritis cannot move the bones around. This can lead to severe tooth loss if not treated. It is important to treat arthritis because it can cause breakage of teeth. Some prescription and over the counter pain medications can also cause tooth loss because they contain ingredients that can weaken tooth enamel.

The reason why teeth break is mostly due to the lifestyle and diet of a person. For example, if a person is constantly eating junk foods and sweets, then they are more likely to have dental problems. They can also have weak immune systems and not be able to fight off infections and illnesses as well. When these factors are not addressed, then why teeth break is often an issue. These things must be taken care of if a person wants to keep their smile looking great.

Some causes of why teeth break include: wearing improper fitting teeth or braces, improper use of fillings or crowns, and a poor diet. These factors do not have much to do with how healthy a person’s teeth are. However, when they are not taken care of properly, then teeth can begin to break down because of the pressure that they are under.

A child may break their teeth because of playing too rough with them. When teeth become loose and they start to slide down, then they will likely break them. If they have a tendency to put their hands on their face when chewing, then they could break their teeth as well. When children begin to misplace their food, then they will likely chew on their teeth at the same time. This can cause major breakage or even infection if not treated.

In order to prevent serious tooth damage from occurring, parents need to learn why teeth break. Sometimes it is something as simple as a lack of brushing. At other times it can be more serious. When a child does not have adequate calcium and vitamin D in their diet, then it can cause their teeth to become weaker over time. By eating a proper diet that includes milk and cereal, as well as consuming enough calcium and vitamin D, they can help prevent this type of tooth damage.