Why Are Doorknobs Used in Dentistry?

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The title of this article may lead you to think, “Do Dentists Have the Name Dr?” I’m glad you asked! In fact, the title should not even be a question. Dentists do not have the title “Dr.” The title of a practicing dentist is “MD,” and I suspect most people call a dentist “Dr.”

But let’s look at it another way. Do Dentists have the title “Dr.” I believe so, but maybe I’m misinterpreting what they do. When someone else asks me a question, I always ask, “Do you mean Doctor?” When I’m asked to refer to an actual person, I say,” practitioner.” So, do dentists have the title do dentist?

No. A title holder is usually given by a colleague or a student to one another when they’ve earned it. It is not a prestigious title. Dentists don’t get titles like do dentists have the title doorknob holders or title holders. That’s just not the role of a dentist.

Dental assisting is just one of the many vocations that dental assistants perform. They do much more than simply help the dentist. They are able to perform routine tasks such as taking X-rays, preparing teethales, sterilizing instruments, etc. An assistant is only qualified to do those tasks that are directly related to the dental practice. Therefore, if there is a need to perform multiple duties, the dentist will assign them to the dental assistants.

So do dentists have the title doorknob? Yes. If their job requires them to take and set the doorknob for patients, they are properly trained to do so. Their education entitles them to learn how to do that. In some states, they are even required to learn how to install locks on the doors of the offices they work in. As long as it is relevant, most schools instruct their students on how to do those simple tasks required by their profession.

But just what does the doorknob mean? It refers to the metal ring typically used to open the door to a dental office. It also has a knob usually encased in a lock. The combination of those two items is used to gain access to an individual’s mouth. When a patient wants to leave the office, they push down on the doorknob and it releases a lock that closes behind them.

The title doorknob doesn’t always refer to the actual doorknob. In the case of dental chairs with removable back supports, the name can refer to the back piece, which is the part that the patient sits on and removes keys from using. The title doorknob can also refer to the handle used to open the door. That is the part that patients usually feel when they press the doorknob down.

Dental doorknobs are typically large and made of stainless steel or chrome. They are sometimes embossed with company logos or even words. They are not overly expensive, but are still very useful. If you don’t have one at your office, you should consider buying one for your home or for your business.