Whose Teeth Are These? A Book Review

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“Whose teeth are those?” is a question many young bird lovers will have asked as they launch their imaginations into new territory. Look at the close up photo. Read the interesting facts about each species.

whose teeth are these

Then, name that animal! This engaging nature series utilizes a trivia-like, question-and Answer format to introduce young children to some of our wildest and most colorful animals, birds, and reptiles from the dinosaur period to the amphibian era of today. In this book, you’ll find information about everything you need to know about dinosaur teeth, lizards, amphibians, and reptile eggs. In the beginning, you’ll learn facts about the four types of dinosaurs. Then you’ll move on to learning facts about the earliest known animals that have lived on earth.

A favorite of mine is “Who wears a Toothbrush and Bug Mask?”. You’ll find out what the different features of a bug mask are, how they look, and which species of insects use them. Then you’ll get to know the characteristics of all eight different species of these adorable little creatures. While I don’t necessarily recommend using this book for ornithology purposes (I’m a bit partial to the Audubon Society’s The Great Bird Book), it is certainly educational for kids. And, yes, the quiz portion is a lot of fun.

“Whose teeth are these?” is a great book to bring along when camping in a tent. It’s light and easy to carry, yet at the same time, it offers up so much information about nature and its creatures that you’ll be excited to read it over again. And, after your initial excitement wears off, you’ll be glad that you brought along this book.

A book like “Whose teeth are these?” is beneficial because it helps children develop critical thinking skills regarding nature. Reading about the various species of animals and their attributes can stimulate a child’s interest in nature and her natural world. As a result, these children are more likely to become interested in studying wildlife conservation. As they grow older, they may find themselves becoming an ecologist or a zookeeper.

A book such as “Whose teeth are these?” is also great because it encourages kids to get out into the field and see the world. As children grow older, they’re more likely to be interested in the many different natural resources that exist in and around their own backyards. And when they start to get involved with local conservation, they’ll have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

For educational purposes, “Whose teeth are these?” is a great book to use at Sunday school or in home schooling. Many people don’t realize how much effect the television and media have on children. There are all kinds of shows about animals and all kinds of movies with animals in them. To make sure that your child sees a good example of what happens in the natural world every day, make sure that she or he watches “Whose teeth are these?” each week.

Your child needs to know the facts, no matter how big or small they are. And by reading “Whose teeth are these? “, he or she will learn important and relevant information that can help them in life. With this book, your child gets to learn the things that he or she is probably not getting enough of in the classroom.

It’s a book that is very well-written, with lots of colorful pictures and diagrams. I also like that it is illustrated with actual facts, rather than just drawings. This makes it easier for kids to understand the concepts being taught. The pictures are also engaging and keep kids entertained for a long time.

Parents may also want to purchase this for their kids, especially if they are having some problems brushing their teeth and have a few questions about it. There are many videos that can teach kids about proper dental care. All they need to do is plug in the keyword “whose teeth are these?”

The book is actually very easy to read, even for kids who may be a little bit older. It contains very practical information that makes sense. There are even explanations of some of the terms used in the book. So, if you have any questions about proper dental care or any other topic, this is the book for you. It should keep all of you well-informed about important topics regarding health.