Where To Watch Teeth – A Quick Review

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where to watch teeth

Where To Watch Teeth – A Quick Review

“Where to Watch Teeth” tells the tale of a young woman who is trying desperately to find out just where to watch teeth. It’s easy to laugh at this comic strip, which features a bunch of mischievous kids who are on the lookout for where to watch teeth. There is nothing offensive in the way the title is worded, nor is there any nudity. This is a story about an adult who has been mislead about where to watch teeth. It’s pure silliness.

Dawn (Jess Weixler) is a shy, spontaneous member of her high school clique but, when she encounters Tobey (Hale Appleman), nature again takes its hand, and the two find themselves answering the call to where to watch teeth. In the process, they wind up stranded in the woods with no way out. But, through some ingenuity, they are able to carry out their plan, and capture a voracious piranha that is their new target. Now, with the help of a few other surprising characters, the where to watch teeth hunt has taken shape.

What really makes “Where to Watch Teeth” an enjoyable read is that Weixler has managed to draw together all his various ideas into one entertaining adventure. The novel is liberally laced with humor and draws you in from the beginning, where the main characters are merely waiting around for the great white shark to come along and bite them. Once that happens, things get more serious as they discuss what to do about getting the teeth of the monster. At one point, in the course of this discussion, a real world history lesson is tossed in, as they ponder where did the white sharks come from.

Weixler also gives his story a very believable hook, as he introduces each of his characters with just enough back story to give the reader a brief background, but enough to let them soon see where they fit in. This includes his main character, Kayla, who by the way is completely unaware that she’s in the midst of a mad dash where to watch teeth. Her reaction to the events goes from being innocent too panicked to confused without a prior notice. Then, there’s Will, the author’s adopted son, who barely gets by in high school, having to learn to adapt to his alcoholic father’s demands. His own struggle with anger is displayed as well, as he tries to deal with his problems within himself rather than getting involved with his father’s destructive behavior.

There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the story, but it all works to fit the book. Although there were moments where I felt a little unclear or unbelievable, the majority of the plotline was well written, convincing, and easy to follow. For someone who has never read about where to watch teeth, this book could serve as an introduction into the mystery genre. If you’ve already read several books on the subject, I would still recommend that you check them out. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would, and it’s certainly not a first time readers experience either.

I have read where to watch teeth before, mainly in a science fiction setting. Although I enjoyed that story, it felt a bit un-natural for such a story. The setting in this book felt more genuine and made me feel comfortable instead of bored. This also could be a good read for parents, since it might help them know where to watch their child’s teeth in case anything should happen. For anyone who likes to feel like a detective, this book could be a great start.

It is brief, at just over 80 pages, so a short reading for someone who is just learning about where to watch teeth is recommended. However, the author, Dr. Claire Lerner, does go into great detail regarding the physiology and anatomy of our mouth, which is fascinating. I liked that she included a couple of dental examples, which made it easier for me to remember a proper fit. I also really enjoyed her vivid description of what a bad tooth looks like, especially from a dental perspective. It’s a good read for those interested in dental care.

For someone looking for where to watch teeth for the first time, this book could be a good place to start. It isn’t a very difficult read, despite being rather technical. For someone who knows a lot about dentistry, however, the references will likely be more useful. For people who just want a quick overview, though, I would simply recommend this to anyone wanting to read about where to watch teeth. I did enjoy this fun, informative book. I would recommend it to others, as well.