What Dental Insurance Covers Invasilign?

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what dental insurance covers invisalign

What Dental Insurance Covers Invasilign?

If you’ve decided on getting Invisalign or a straight edge orthodontic treatment you need to know what dental insurance covers invisalign treatments. There are many insurance companies out there that offer coverage but only a few that actually offer the full benefits of Invisalign. There is a common misconception amongst those that need this treatment that it’s covered by only one or two dental insurance plans. The fact is Invisalign can be expensive and in some cases is double the price of what your dental insurance covers. This is why it’s very important that you understand what your existing policies covers before you make the decision to switch.

So, what does Invisalign cover exactly? First let’s explain what it is not – the Invisalign braces alone aren’t covered by the insurance plan. It is a misnomer that Invisalign braces are a cosmetic dental procedure and therefore insurance plans will not cover the cost of them.

What is Invisalign? It is a metal brace that is placed over your teeth and is designed to give your teeth a better look. There are some situations where this may improve your appearance enough to warrant the coverage, but it should be understood that the brace itself is not an orthodontic device. You still need to have proper oral hygiene and regular dentist visits. That said, the price of Invisalign alone may be worth the cost of the insurance policy because you may end up saving money in the long run with better dental care.

Once you understand what dental insurance covers invisalign, the next step is to find an Invisalign provider. While there are a number of different providers of this treatment, you’ll want to choose a highly regarded company that offers a warranty on their work. There is no better guarantee for a high quality brace than a lifetime warranty.

Invisalign is only one type of braces that your insurance may cover. If you have other needs such as dentures or bonding, your plan likely has options for these too. Some providers will cover all or part of the fees associated with these services so you never need to worry about whether or not you can afford them. If you ever do need to pay out of pocket for anything related to your teeth repair, however, it’s a good idea to find a plan that includes the fees.

Most plans also include the cost of oral surgery. While this may seem like it’s going to be something that you can’t afford, it’s a fact of life that it is a part of most dental procedures. For example, braces are not always covered under traditional dental insurance plans. If the braces you need are too expensive, a plan likely won’t cover them. However, a discount plan might be available if you can prove that you need them. Your insurance provider should be able to provide information on this.

It’s important to realize what dental insurance covers Invisalign. If you have severe orthodontic problems, this may be the best coverage for you. If you’re just dealing with minor issues, however, you may want to consider a more generic plan. This gives you more freedom to choose the treatment you need for your teeth.

Invisalign is considered one of the cheapest braces available. However, even this is expensive, and many people still can’t afford it. Before you purchase this product, make sure that you understand what dental insurance covers Invasilign. Compare several policies before you purchase one so that you know you’re getting the most coverage for your money. You should have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to go into debt for corrective braces.