Problems When Dental Implants Fall Out

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Dental Implants are a new technology that has been used for many years, but when they first started there was a lot of worry about them. Dental Implants are artificial titanium teeth which when fused into the jawbone to create a look of permanent tooth. It is very difficult to take the implants out once you have your dentures and this meant that there was always a risk that the implant would come loose and fall out. When the patient had to be operated on the mouth for any reason the implant would often come out and it was a big operation with the risk of infection as well. This was before we had the computerised surgical procedures and the advancements in the biotechnology industry that have reduced the risk to such a great extent.

when dental implants fall out

The other fear was of the scarring that might occur if the implant was to fall out. There were also other complications such as infection and nerve damage. These all reduced as the science behind the procedure has improved. Today when dental implants fall out there is little or nothing to worry about.

We now know that when dental implants fall out there is very little chance of the piece falling out because it is just sitting under the gum line. The body has a natural immune system and it will not attempt to destroy the implant even though it is just under the gumline. If the implant did fall out there would be a lot more bacteria causing infections, and this can cause the infection to become so severe that the implant has to be removed. This can be very costly and time consuming.

Once the dental implants fall out the dentist will be able to diagnose it very easily and be able to advise the patient on the best way forward. There are still other complications which can arise from when dental implants fall out, such as bone breakdown. When this happens the jaw bone is likely to break and then when the natural immune system tries to get to it will likely be unable to fight off the infection. This can cause not only additional pain for the patient but problems with the teeth as well.

A common problem when dental implants fall out is that the implant itself could break through the gum line. Once, the implant breaks through the gum line, it can often cause severe bleeding. This can cause the person pain as the infection sets in. This is one of the most common reasons why a crown needs to be inserted when dental implants fall out. When this happens the infection caused by the broken implant is often hard to treat and can cause the bone to break and can cause a lot of pain.

Another problem when dental implants fall out is that when the tooth becomes chipped or if there is nerve damage involved. These can lead to other problems including brain dysfunction, speech problems and many more. When a tooth is chipped it makes eating difficult and when a tooth has nerve damage it can actually be very painful. When these things happen, it is important to see a dentist to have everything fixed.

Another problem when dental implants fall out is that the implant may have been placed too deep. When the implant is too deep it can be difficult for the body to absorb. This causes the body to react by reducing the amount of blood that will flow to the area causing the bone to shrink back and forth. If this happens, it can lead to infection, which will continue until the body absorbs all the blood needed to heal the bone and implant.

When dental implants fall out, it is important that they are repaired as soon as possible. If the implants do not have enough time to heal the body will continue to reject them causing further damage. In some cases they may even cause more complications.