Dental Care For Your Cat

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How often you have your cat’s teeth cleaned seems to depend on how often you actually clean them. If you are like most pet owners, you probably think once a year is plenty. Unfortunately, dental problems are one of those things that if you don’t deal with them, they are very difficult and expensive to treat. So if your cat has a toothache every six weeks or so, don’t feel bad about scratching his teeth. It is perfectly normal and it’s nothing that needs to be treated as a problem. Just get him to the vet right away.

how often dental cleaning cat

When dealing with dental problems in cats, the most common cause is tartar. This is food particles, plaque and bacteria building up around the teeth. If this build up is not removed by regular dental cleaning, it will harden and make tartar harder and more difficult to remove.

If you are like most people, you may think brushing your cat every day is a good idea. You’ve probably heard that flossing your teeth once a day is enough. While this is true, it only makes a little bit of difference. Your veterinarian recommends brushing at least once a day for the best benefits. Also, if your cat has tartar, he should have it scraped and his teeth cleaned using a dental flosser.

Unfortunately, your pet cat won’t be able to have his teeth professionally cleaned in a dentist office. The cost is too great and too uncomfortable. Most people feel better having their pets brushed but there are a number of other things you can do. Have you ever heard of dental chews? These are little plastic strips you can give your cat to help with his teeth.

If you are wondering how often dental care for your cat needs to be done, then you need to find a professional cleaner who charges by the hour or day. Most dentists have offices set up around the city where people come to have their teeth cleaned. In addition, many spas and grooming facilities offer this service. However, since you may not live near one of these places, you might have to do it yourself.

You should know that if tartar is already on your cat’s teeth, then brushing isn’t going to help. Even the best dental cleaning procedure will only remove surface plaque. If the roots of the tartar have also been damaged, then your vet will recommend that you give your cat a home cleaning with a commercial product. This is called tooth trays and it is a plastic tray filled with dental floss. It is placed under your cat’s bottom teeth so that he can brush them without him removing them.

Once your cat’s teeth are cleaned, you will need to make sure he goes to the veterinarian regularly for a teeth check-up. When there is a plaque, tartar, or any type of bacteria on your pet’s teeth, it can lead to mouth infections. This can also make it difficult for him to chew his food. To prevent infections, your vet might recommend dental cleaning every 6 months or so. This way, tartar, bacteria, and any underlying infections will be removed.

Dental problems on cats can be scary for owners. However, if you look out for your pet, you can protect him from getting any dental problems. Talk to your vet about the types of teeth cleaning products you should use, how often you should give your cat a brushing session, and what your options are if he should start to lose his teeth. With the proper dental care, your cat will be able to enjoy many years of good health.